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According to data by the U.S. Department Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for certified nurse assistants is projected to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. As the baby-boom population ages, nurse assistants will be needed to assist and care for elderly patients in long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes. In addition, patient preferences and shifts in federal and state funding are increasing the demand for home and community-based long-term care, which should lead to increasing opportunities for nurse assistants working in home health and post-acute rehabilitation services.

 Nurse Assistant Training Program (CNA)

21-Day Nurse Assistant Training Program  

Cost of Program $1,700

*Evening and Weekend Schedules are available*

The Nurse Assistant Training Program prepares students to provide quality care to residents in long-term nursing facilities and home care. Course training is held in both classroom and clinical facility settings.



  • In class lectures facilitated by experienced instructors

  • Clinical rotations for a thorough lab experience

  • Job placements in long-term care facilities


 In addition to: 

  • True hands-on experience learning

  • State-of-the-Art technology and medical equipment

  • Small classes that provide personal attention


The program prepares the student to function in the role of a nurse assistant under the supervision of State approved BVNPT and BRN instructors. This program is designed to meet the curriculum requirements of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). 


The course requires completion of 160 hours of theory and clinical training with 16 modules that are focused on various aspects of residents' care such as:


  • Introduction: Roles and responsibilities of Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA)

  • Patient's rights

  • Communication/Interpersonal Skills

  • Prevention and Management of Catastrophe and Unusual Occurrence

  • Body Mechanics

  • Medical and Surgical Asepsis

  • Weights and Measures 

  • Patient Care Skills

  • Patient Care Procedures

  • Vital Signs 

  • Nutrition

  • Emergency Procedures 

  • Long-Term Care Patient 

  • Rehabilitative Nursing 

  • Observation and Charting 

  • Death and Dying


The Nurse Assistant proficiency examination is the state-approved competency evaluation with both written and manual skills components. Our program requires the student to complete 60 hours of classroom lecture, perform 100 hours in a clinical setting and successfully demonstrate 21 manual resident care skills. Satisfactory completion of the course provides eligibility to take the CDPH established competency evaluation examination to obtain a California state certification as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). 



 Home Health Aide Training Program (HHA)

5-Day  Course - Cost of Program: $300


The Home Health Aide training program is for students that possess an active or current nurse assistant certification. This program is designed to expand the role of a Nurse Assistant to provide quality care to the client in a home-care setting, home health aide agencies and other private entities, under the supervision of a Case Manager or Registered Nurse. 


The training consists of 40 clock hours (5-day) course. Under supervision by a BRN approved Registered Nurse. Upon successfully completing this course and passing of the competency exam given by the school. The student will receive a certificate of completion. The school will process the home health aide application form to the California Department of Public Health. When all requirements are met and approved by the California Department of Public Health, a certification for Home Health Aide will be issued by the California Department of Public Health. Certified Home Health Aide Certificates must be renewed every two (2) years with forty-eight (48) hours of In-service offered by the employer or Continuing Education Unit (CEU) that can be taken in a school, university or college. 




Active CNA Certification or have completed 160 hours of the Nurse Assistant Training Program

Live Scan Fingerprints

Good understanding of the English Language

Scrubs, and non-skid athletic shoes



Subject Hours: 40 hours (20 Hours Theory, 20 hours Clinical Training)


Instructional Methods:


1. Lecture 

2. Skills Laboratory/Clinical Training 

3. Video and Audio Powerpoint Training 

4. Simulated Workplace


The intent of this curriculum is to promote quality care in a home care setting and provide entry-level skills for employment as a home health aide and to extend the role of the Certified Nurse Assistant. 




 Restorative Nurse Assistant Training Course (RNA)

1-Day  Course- Cost of Program: $150


The Restorative Nurse Assistant (RNA) program is designed to provide Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA's) knowledge and skills to advance their career in long-term care. The Nurse Assistants will receive training in theory and practical application of restorative techniques. Restorative Nurse Assistants can find employment in nursing homes, assisted living communities and long-term care facilities. 


The Restorative Nurse Assistant (RNA) is critical to assuring residents maintain their highest practical level of functioning in long-term care. RNA's provide specific treatments to clients to restore and maintain strength, coordination, and skills to ambulate and perform functional activities of daily living. 


The Restorative Nurse Assistant (RNA) certification will provide advanced learning to Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA's) in rehabilitation techniques that will arise out of immobility of residents such as, complications of deformity, contracture atrophy and pressure injury formation for clients who are bed-bound, comatose and debilitated. 


Upon successful completion of the RNA training course, the student will receive a certificate of completion for the Restorative Nurse Assistant Training Course.





Active certification as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

Good understanding of the English language

Uniform scrubs, non-skid athletic shoes, and gait belt

Textbook and Handouts


Subject Hours:  8 hours ( 6 hours lecture,  2 hours Skills Lab)


Instructional Methods:


1. Classroom lecture

2. Skills Laboratory/Practical Training 

3. Powerpoint Audio and Video Training

4. Simulated Workplace








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